Online courses to learn Wwise, FMOD Studio, Unity and Pure Data are the four courses currently offered at the School of Video Game Audio (SoVGA). Hundreds of students from nearly 50 different countries have joined the school since 2012 and our 100+ student demo reels currently have over 75,000 views on YouTube and Vimeo. Learn more about us by joining our community of 4,000+ on Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn and SoundCloud.

The demo reel courses involve professional game audio training and mentoring for a playable game. Students learn the process of creating and implementing audio for a video game and illustrative examples of gameplay are edited together to create a professional demo reel. For employed students taking the course as professional development, extra time can be spent on advanced topics instead of creating a demo reel. The quality of the each demo reel will be evaluated by Leonard Paul, the school's principal instructor, who has over 20 years of experience in the video game industry and over 15 years of experience teaching game audio.

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Courses are designed to fit within dynamic schedules. There are no set times that you need to be online and you can do class work any time that you have available. All courses support both Mac and Windows. We are able to provide invoices to students taking our courses for professional development.

NOTE: Next deadline is June 19, 2017 to book our July/August 2017 courses on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Course Details:

Courses are available on a first-come first-served basis so it is best to apply early. The next deadline for our upcoming Jul/Aug courses is June 19, 2017 which has a default two month enrolment of July 1, 2017 to September 1, 2017. Students can continue as long as they would like for $75 CAD for each additional month of enrolment. Courses are offered every two months, being January, March, May, July, September & November.

The total course cost is currently $500 CAD and is set to increase to $525 CAD in 2017. We have a flexible refund policy so that if a student withdraws before the course starts then they will be refunded $475, $350 before the second week, $275 before the third week, $175 before the fourth week and starting from July 22nd, 2017 the student will be ineligible for a refund for our Jul/Aug 2017 term courses.

No computer programming or coding is required for any of the courses but it is offered as an option for those students who want to learn. The Unity course mentors students on the use of C# and UnityScript. There are no additional costs to purchase required books, software (all middleware taught is free) or other materials but a portable digital recorder is recommended. It is difficult to estimate, but for students with little game audio experience, we recommend dedicating a minimum of 120 hours to the course while students with previous game audio experience can consider a minimum of 100 hours in total to complete a course.

We do not offer any types of guarantees, grades, certifications or quantitative evaluations but what we do offer is individual personalized feedback in an effort to make students more employable in the industry. We are happy to act as a reference for our students to accurately reflect their work done at the school to potential employers. Each term will feature a previously completed project and that student will receive a 50% rebate on their course cost. See our grads page to see previous featured students:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email.

Some example screenshots of the Wwise, Unity and FMOD Studio courses:


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Leonard J. Paul, the school's principal instructor, began teaching game audio in 2001 and has taught hundreds of students worldwide how to attain their goals in the field of video game audio. Since 1994 he has done composing, sound design and audio coding on over twenty major game titles, including award-winning AAA titles such as NBA Jam 2010, NHL 11, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2, NBA Live '95 as well as the indie award-winning title Retro City Rampage.

The School of Video Game Audio was founded in 2012 and has served hundreds of students from nearly 50 different countries to this date. The goal of the school is to raise the level of game audio on a world-wide scale by making it accessible and affordable to everyone who strives for excellence in this exciting field.